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Free eBooks on arbitration and mediation.


As a general rule of thumb, we comment on recent developments regarding ADR worldwide, adding our opinion oftentimes for what it is worth. Be that as it may, we also intend to provide information regarding valuable ADR resources covering books, events, essays, laws, etc.

On this occasion, this piece of news is short: two links to eBooks on arbitration and mediation in easily downloadable PDF format.


You will notice that the URL of these two websites are in Spanish. This is not a problem. Both websites have an easily recognizable search box where you can input text in English. The search results will deliver results of eBooks written in English.

A caveat: while some eBooks are institutional promotional material, others are well worth downloading and reading.

Additionally, you may consult full profiles of a significant number of printed books on ADR in our Bookstore section.

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