Acuerdo de cooperación entre ARyME y ADRSI

Resultado de imagen de agreements2000 | Julio 31
En julio de 2000, Arbitraje y Mediación (ARyME) firma un acuerdo de colaboración con ADR Services Internationl (ADRSI) con objeto difundir las bondades del arbitraje y la mediación en el ámbito civil y mercantil.

ADR Services International, Inc. (ADRSI) has been providing mediation training and selection of mediators – arbitrators for over 23 years. ADRSI has established court coordinators’ operational procedures nationally, to help make the selection of a mediator – arbitrator timely and efficient. ADRSI’s panel of mediators – arbitrators include such notables, as State and U.S. Representatives, State and U.S. Senators and many other renowned professionals.

ADRSI offers an efficient and sensible method of mediator – arbitrator selection. Utilizing state of the art computerized technology, ADRSI can search through a data base of thousands of individual mediators and arbitrators to select candidates meeting the clients requirements for education, background, experience, area of specialty, hourly rate or any other client specified parameter. ADRSI makes the selection process easy by utilizing the ability to choose from virtually any combination of qualification requirements. This assures selection of a qualified mediator – arbitrator acceptable to both parties.

El acuerdo entre Arbitraje y Mediación (ARyME) y ADR Services International, Inc. (ADRSI) [+]