A Theory of Mediators’ Ethics: Foundations, Rationale, and Application

A Theory of Mediators' Ethics Foundations, Rationale, and Application2016 | Marzo 31
Many aspects relating to the conduct of mediation are left to mediator choice, but mediators often lack adequate guidance on how their discretion ought to be exercised. In this book, Omer Shapira identifies the ethical norms that govern mediators’ conduct. Adopting a professional ethics perspective on the basis of role-morality and applying it to a core definition of mediators’ role, Shapira argues that all mediators are placed in ethical relationships with mediation parties, the mediation profession, the public and their employers. or principals that produce ethical obligations.

The book goes on to explore the legitimate expectations of these groups and analyzes existing codes of conduct for mediators. Shapira constructs a theory of mediators’ ethics that produces a proposed model code of conduct for mediators – a detailed set of norms of mediators’ ethics that can be rationally justified and defended with regard to mediators at large.

Autor Omer Shapira
Editorial Cambrige University Press
Idioma Inglés
Año 2016
Páginas 470
ISBN | EAN 9781107143043
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A Theory of Mediators’ Ethics: Foundations, Rationale, and Application

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