Who should make the decision to mediate?

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A few months ago, a follower of this Column called to appreciate the thrust of alternative dispute resolution. He said at the time, that he had a legal challenge for which he desperately needed a solution. Even though we had never met in person, he probably relied on the credibility of this Column to pour out his heart to me. Having patiently listened to his story, I found that aside his legal troubles, he also had challenges of cash flow. I advised that the issues he narrated were of the kind best suited for mediation.

The decision to litigate should not be taken lightly, and the power of negotiation should not be underestimated. You should pursue litigation only as a last resort, staying focused on the pursuit of negotiation, underlying interests, and the goal of preserving and strengthening relationships’’.

Origen: Who should make the decision to mediate? – Nigeria Today


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