First female commercial judge appointed

Resultado de imagen de court judgement2016 | Septiembre 3
The Administrative Appeals Court in the Eastern Province has appointed lawyer Shaimaa Sadeq Al-Jibran the first female commercial arbitrator in a commercial case, rejecting objections by one of the parties in the case to her appointment because she is a woman.

According to sources, commercial arbitration comes under the judiciary and is a means of resolving conflicts by issuing binding rulings on the parties involved.

Origen: First female commercial judge appointed | Arab News


2 pensamientos en “First female commercial judge appointed

  1. Reaffirming this arbitrator (female) required courage on the part of the Judiciary; above all, it required affirmatively rejecting the argument “…but she is a woman”.

    From a Western point of view it all might seem bizarre. Let us look on the bright side: change occurs in such ways, or didn’t it happen for us westerners as well –not all that long ago—in terms of recognizing and defending women’s rights?

    I am delighted by this report!

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