Mediation is Not Magic

Circo2016 | Septiembre 17
Mediation is the buzz word of conflict resolution. Reading around mediation would make it appear that if you have a conflict, a mediator, like a magician, can wave it away without a frown crossing anyone’s face.

But mediation doesn’t quite work that way. It takes hard work, and not just on the part of the mediator. The courts’ endorsement of mediation (to push cases away from the courts) is a great idea, but in doing so the courts and others involved may make mediation seem like an easy option and a sure win. Whilst mediation is usually much cheaper, more time efficient and less mentally exhausting than going to court, it does not equal an effortless path.

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Un pensamiento en “Mediation is Not Magic

  1. This issue seems perennial: whether mediation is magic, or not. I fall on the side of the author: mediation is training and hard work, not magic. However, an argument could conceivably be made linking magic to mediation in terms of the hard work that it certainly takes to be a world class magician. While it seems a bit of a stretch to me, pushing the envelope, it could somehow work as an argument to those who feel that mediation is magic.

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