Shortage of judges a concern

Medieval2016 | Octubre 5
In medieval times judicial duels were used to settle accusations and disputes, in the absence of witnesses or a confession. Two parties fought in single combat and the winner was proclaimed to be right. Fortunately the modern judicial system has progressed beyond trial by duel, but it’s not without its modern-day challenges and shortcomings.

Some people involved in civil suits may still resort to their own form of dispute resolution, or settle for unreasonable offers from the opposing side, rather than face months of delays trying to resolve cases through backlogged and under-supported courts.

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Un pensamiento en “Shortage of judges a concern

  1. People will get justice one way or another, even by their own hand if need be. Indeed, a shortage of judges drives citizens crazy, and they (the People) are not to blame for their frustration when all they want is to be heard, to have “a day in court” while they are still young. Granted: we are too many, and that is why no Judiciary alone has never sufficed anywhere in the world, nor at no time in history. ADR is necessary, not as substitute, not as a lesser venue. We need to be heard, and if ADR provides an earlier hearing I feel we must promote it.

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