‘Nigeria is a viable destination for international commercial arbitration’

Lagos2016 | Noviembre 8
Over the years, Africa and particularly Nigeria has become increasingly attractive to foreign investors. However, with increased investment comes increased potential for disputes and the need to train arbitrators who will resolve the conflicts. In an encounter with JOSEPH ONYEKWERE, the chair of the 2016 yearly Conference of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, (CIArb), Nigeria branch, Mrs Oyinkansola Badejo-Okusanya, said Nigeria is a viable and natural destination for international commercial arbitration.

Long gone are the days when the courts looked upon ADR as an ouster of their jurisdiction. And we can see the effect of all this training in the progressive judgments in support of respecting Arbitration clauses and enforcing Arbitral awards that are coming out of our courts. Lagos is unarguably the business capital of West Africa; some would argue Sub-Saharan Africa; so it should be the natural, neutral destination in Sub-Saharan Africa for the resolution of commercial disputes by arbitration and ADR.

‘Nigeria is a viable destination for international commercial arbitration’ — Features — The Guardian Nigeria


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