Alternative Dispute Resolution: the Bill

Gobierno de Pakistán2017 | Marzo 6
The Bill has now been sent to the Senate for approval. By the unassuming title one would not be able to decipher just how backward this bill, if made law, will take us. It has gone beyond purely commercial matters to affect areas that in Pakistan should only be dealt with by the formal court system.
A government bill was put to the lower house of parliament in Islamabad on a sleepy Friday afternoon in February of this year. Out of a total 342 members, only 23 were present and voted for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Bill 2017.

Alternative Dispute Resolution: the Bill – The Express Tribune


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  1. “Swift decisions cannot be equated to justice”

    La realidad es que hay poco que añadir a semejante aseveración. La autora lo tiene claro: esta nueva ley en Pakistán no busca justicia sino una injusticia extrajudicial rápida, ya que no soluciona problemas de fondo que solo se pueden curar –si es que algún día se curan desde nuestra mentalidad occidental—desde legislación social. Lo que la autora pide es más justicia que extrajudicialidad. No pasa desapercibido que la autora es mujer en Pakistán.

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