Is mediation a viable investor-state dispute settlement mechanism?

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Recent trends indicate a growing interest in investor-state mediation. Previously, the intermittent dialogue in investor-state mediation was speculative and often sceptical. The perception has been that compulsory mechanisms would be necessary for any dispute resolution process involving states to be effective. However, governments, investors and institutions now seem to be considering meditation as a viable tool for resolving investor-state disputes.

However, mediation is unlikely to replace wholly arbitration or other compulsory procedures. They are better seen as complementary tools, rather than either-or choices. In the ‘cooling-off’ process, even if settlement is not achieved, it may narrow issues or open lines of communication for later negotiation. However, timing will affect the effectiveness of mediation – and early intervention is not always successful. Therefore, parties could benefit from considering voluntary mediation at other stages.

Is mediation a viable investor-state dispute settlement mechanism? – Newsletters – International Law Office


Un pensamiento en “Is mediation a viable investor-state dispute settlement mechanism?

  1. It is all about certainty. Mediation is catching up when it comes to investor-state dispute resolution, but it remains marginal vis-à-vis marginal states and/or investors compared to arbitration. What mediators do not seem to understand in their zeal to promote it–states and investors, do—is that an award is an award, is an award.

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