Mediation, arbitration to enter law school curriculum

Jurisprudencia India2017 | Agosto 20
To make India a hub of mediation and arbitration, the Ministry of Law and Justice will include Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practices and techniques in law schools’ curriculum. 

The ministry is also mooting for collaboration with foreign law schools and universities and experts in mediation to conduct lectures and courses on mediation practice and techniques.

“Lack of awareness at the student level translates into lack of conviction in mediation as an advocate, which must be addressed,” a law ministry official said.

Mediation, arbitration to enter law school curriculum- The New Indian Express


Un pensamiento en “Mediation, arbitration to enter law school curriculum

  1. True: lack of awareness leads to disuse, as it is rather unlikely for future attorneys to use out-of-court tools they are completely unfamiliar with.

    There is another problem even if young attorneys become skilled at ADR at law school level: they will enter firms led by old school attorneys unfamiliar with ADR. This is a generational change. That said, this proposal leads change.

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