Hong Kong civil disputes to embrace apology

Hong Kong2017 | Agosto 22
The Hong Kong Legislative Council recently passed the Apology Bill with the aim of removing certain legal disincentives for parties to convey an apology in the context of civil disputes. In the footsteps of many overseas jurisdictions which have already adopted apology legislation, Hong Kong is the first Asian jurisdiction to enact this type of legislation, which generally precludes an apology from being taken into account in the determination of fault and liability.

Under the Apology Ordinance, an ‘apology’ (broadly defined as any expression of a person’s regret, sympathy or benevolence in connection with a dispute) will not constitute an admission of fault or liability and will generally not be admissible as evidence to the detriment of the apology maker.

Hong Kong civil disputes to embrace apology – Newsletters – International Law Office


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