New arbitration law to boost tourism

Jamaica2017 | Agosto 26
Passed in April, the Arbitration Act 2017 repealed and replaced the 1900 Arbitration Act and seeks to provide an effective non-judicial mechanism for settling disputes between contracting parties.

With Jamaica positioning itself as an international arbitration location under the powers of the new Arbitration Act, the local tourism industry is primed for further growth as hundreds of upper-class visitors are to be expected yearly, according to Secretary General of the Jamaica International Arbitration Centre (JIAC), Dr Christopher Malcolm.

New arbitration law to boost tourism | Lead Stories | Jamaica Gleaner


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  1. Is Jamaica promoting Beach & Resort Arbitration (BRA)? I believe that is the gist of what I just read. It might take quite a bit more than that to attract billion-dollar, highly complex arbitration. Arbitration is about parties, not a beach party. Said differently and seriously: tourism –the promise of a good and jolly time—is NOT what attracts dispute resolution.

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