In Oman, an ancient mediation method gets a makeover

Indígena Tribal2018 | Enero 16
Omani Mahmoud bin Yousef Temtemi found himself in a pastoral predicament this autumn – his neighbour’s flock of sheep had overrun his farm and gobbled up is crops, threatening his income.

Rather than make a scene or turn to the police, Temtemi chose to raise his complaint in Omani tradition: through the local “sabla”, or council.

Oman’s sabla is a unique form of consensus building that many see as central to the Gulf nation’s traditions, and which some want to see adapted to the age of the smartphone.

“This council is where the old and young come to learn. The youth learn manners from their elders,” grey-bearded Sayeed bin Khalfan Nabhani said in Ghala.

In Oman, an ancient mediation method gets a makeover – Culture & Society –


Un pensamiento en “In Oman, an ancient mediation method gets a makeover

  1. In most nations there exist traditional, ancient forms of dispute resolution. For the most part they flourished because “formal” justice was neither perceived to be accessible nor adequate. Whatever the case might be, it appears abundantly clear that Justice is not so much a fundamental right, but a basic necessity almost no matter in what shape or form it comes.

    Also, let us beware of “white bearded” men, elders. Not always do they hold actual power, nor are they all that wise.

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