E-DIVORCE: How artificial intelligence could help Australian couples break up quickly and cheaply

Divorcio2017 | Agosto 10
The federal government has granted $341,000 to National Legal Aid to investigate creating a system that could reduce the number of long and expensive divorce proceedings.

The scoping project will be managed by the South Australia Legal Services Commission.
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Can mediation work for sexual abuse survivors?

Australia2017 1 Abril 20
A world-first Australian program is providing a platform for sexual abuse survivors to confront and communicate with perpetrators.

The restorative justice program, conducted by Melbourne’s South East Centre Against Sexual Assault (SECASA), aims to mitigate some of the harm caused by abuse and help survivors move on with their lives.
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Online justice: why courts should explore emerging digital possibilities

ODR2017 | Enero 16
eople in all societies have disputes. In advanced legal systems the dominant approach to resolving them has been to instruct lawyers and appear before courts. But with the internet, advanced hardware and cutting-edge software coming on-stream, the days of fetching up in front of a judge with bulging case-files are beginning to change – though rather faster in some parts of the world than others.
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First Mediation Office in Fiji opened today

2016 | Noviembre 9
The first Mediation Office in Fiji has been opened today aimed at taking pressure off the courts in Fiji.

Chief Justice Anthony Gates highlighted this while speaking to Fijivillage at the opening of the first Fiji Mediation Office in Suva earlier today.
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Global firm launches Australia-based arbitration centre

Herbert Smith Freehills2016 | Octubre 20
Herbert Smith Freehills has announced it is establishing a centre of excellence for international arbitration in Australia, to allow the firm to quickly and effectively resolve client disputes.
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Mediation increasing

ADR Mediación2016 | Septiembre 19
The number of cases referred to and resolved by mediation in PNG is steadily increasing each year, a judge says.

Justice Ambeng Kandakasi told delegates at a Pacific Judicial Conference in Port Moresby last Thursday that the increase was due to some judges consistently requiring parties to use mediation and ADRs (Alternative Dispute Resolutions) to resolve their disputes.
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Guam AG Accuses Arbitrators In Port Settlement Of Bias Against Port Authority

Resultado de imagen de port infrastructure2016 | Agosto 25
Attorney Cesar Cabot, who was part of a panel that decided the Port Authority of Guam must pay $14 million to failed fisheries business Guam YTK Corp., was biased because of a business relationship with Guam YTK attorney and co-owner Eduardo “Champ” Calvo, according to the Office of the Attorney General.
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