«Uno de los peores errores en los colegios ante un caso de bullying es plantear la mediación»

Acoso escolar bullying2018 | Mayo 2
En muchos centros, uno de los errores más frecuentes se produce cuando diagnostican un caso de bullying y plantean la mediación, muy eficaz en otros conflictos. El acoso escolar no es un conflicto y posicionar a la víctima en el mismo nivel que los acosadores es desconocer absolutamente el proceso. La víctima tiene una situación asimétrica respecto a sus verdugos, por lo que plantear la mediación puede resultar nefasto.
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ADR, Meet EDR: An Emerging New Model for Resolving Medical Malpractice Claims

Médico Sanitario2018 | Abril 24
Early Discussion and Resolution (EDR). The underlying policy objectives are increasing access to information and compensation and improving patient safety. Like previous legislative models, it also seeks to reduce costs involved in such claims.
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Arbitration and settlement: Influence of culture, legal tradition

2018 | Abril 10
Culture and legal tradition often determine what goals and values are associated with dispute resolution, and so influence process choices. Views of mixed-mode dispute resolution processes such as single-neutral Med-Arb, in which a mediator changes hats and becomes an arbitrator in the course of resolving a dispute, or Arb-Med, in which an arbitrator changes hats to become a mediator, are heavily influenced by culture and legal tradition.
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¿Cuánto cuesta la paz?

ADR Mediación2018 | Abril  3
Tras más de 25 años trabajando en el ámbito de la prevención de conflictos y la construcción de la paz, me sigue llamando la atención que la mayoría de mis interlocutores de “a pie” suelen reaccionar con una aprobación llana, desprovista de curiosidad sobre lo que implica tal tarea.
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Le Monde de l’arbitrage

Ensayos2018 | Abril 3
Le commerce mondial et les transactions internationales nous obligent à élargir nos horizons. Mais avec toutes ses choses modernes, il ne faut pas oublier les racines car nous tous possédons des différents cultures. L’arbitrage ou la médiation date de très longtemps comme au Mahabharata, lorsque les deux partis étaient déterminés à décider de l’affrontement dans les champs de bataille, le Seigneur Krishna a fait des efforts pour résoudre le conflit, mais en vain.
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From Judge to Mediator and Arbitrator

ADR Mediación2018 | Marzo 21
After 36 years as a state court trial and appellate judge, including eight in the commercial division and 21 managing mass torts, I anticipated a seamless transition to becoming a neutral. After all, I had tried, conferenced and settled thousands of cases. To be sure, I realized I would lack the hammer of the imminent trial alternative, so I took several courses in mediation, some of which involved role playing. But ultimately I thought it would just come naturally. After three years as a neutral, I can report that while my judicial skills prepared me in some ways, they presented obstacles in other ways
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Encouraging Greater Use of Mediation in International Commercial Arbitration

ADR Mediación2018 | Marzo 16
Mediation is not a staple of complex international commercial arbitration. It may well precede it—many arbitration agreements contain a “tiered” approach to dispute resolution that includes mediation—but once a large international arbitration is fully underway it is the experience of the authors corroborated by empirical research that mediation has not been widely accepted as a means to reach settlement.
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Zapatero: una marioneta en manos de Maduro

2018 | Febrero 9
Por lo que conozco a José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, creo que, cuando se embarcó en la tarea de mediador en Venezuela para facilitar un acuerdo entre Gobierno y oposición, lo hizo con buena intención, tal vez, eso sí, demasiado imbuido de su conocido buenismo.

Y ese buenismo, precisamente, es el que le ha llevado a ser, primero, una marioneta manejada por Nicolás Maduro que utilizó una y otra vez sus visitas para sacudirse su imagen de aislamiento; y después a convertirse en un peón al servicio de los postulados chavistas.
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The Use of Technology in Mediation: Inexpensive Tools to Present Your Case

ODR2018 | Enero 15
With today’s technology, there are many inexpensive, yet powerful tools that can be used to present your case in a mediation setting. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so why not make it as effective as possible? For a case with some holes, you may create an impression with the opposition that you have a great case or if you have a surefire winner, you can buttress that fact. Not to mention, there’s the side benefit of showing your client that you have given their case added or special attention.
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When Is Arbitration Too Expensive? Financial Ability Is a Consideration

Ensayos2018 | Enero 8
Whenever Bob discusses arbitration with a client he talks about the advantages of avoiding court proceedings. His first words always are “You save so much money. Bob has learned that his clients like to save money and that these savings are more important to them than the speed of arbitration or the ability to pick the decision-maker or the many other benefits that arbitration provides.
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Towards a Post-Arbitration Age: The European Commission’s Fast-Track Reform of Investment Dispute Settlement

Unión Europea2017 | Diciembre 15
The European Commission (“EC”) has recently taken another step in its efforts to replace the traditional investor-state-dispute-settlement (“ISDS”) mechanism which underlies the approximately 1,400 bilateral investment agreements in force between EU Member States and third countries. On 13 September 2017, the EC issued, based on Article 218(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (“TFEU”), a Recommendation for a Council Decision authorising the EC to open negotiations on behalf of the European Union for an international convention establishing a multilateral court for the settlement of investment disputes (the “Recommendation”).
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Top 10 Negotiation Skills

Harvard Law School2017 | Diciembre 7
Increasingly, business negotiators recognize that the most effective bargainers are skilled at both creating value and claiming value—that is, they both collaborate and compete. The following 10 negotiation skills will help you succeed at integrative negotiation.
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Carta de un colegiado indignado a la decana del ICAB

Ensayos2017 | Noviembre 4
Pero el summum ha sido vuestra sorprendente, aparentemente espontánea y benemérita, creación de una Comisión de mediación entre el gobierno sedicioso de Carles Puigdemont y el gobierno legítimo (siempre criticable) de España. Ha tenido que ser el Consejo General de la Abogacía el que pusiera las cosas en su sitio y haya reprendido severamente a la Junta del ICAB por su creación y tu postulación como mediadora. Como sabrás, la mediación se inscribía en la hoja de ruta de Carles Viver Pi-Sunyer, del “Libro blanco sobre la Transición Nacional de Cataluña”, como un mecanismo legitimador y coadyuvante de la independencia.
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Arbitrage : « Il faut convaincre les entreprises de ses avantages »

Association Français d'Arbitrage AFA2017 | Octubre 30
Les acteurs économiques français doivent prendre conscience de l’intérêt de recourir à l’arbitrage. Pratiquant le contentieux et l’arbitrage, je mesure tous les jours l’intérêt d’insérer des clauses d’arbitrage institutionnel dans les contrats non seulement internationaux, mais aussi nationaux. Enfin, il faut convaincre les entreprises des avantages de l’arbitrage d’urgence, l’équivalent de la procédure de référé en arbitrage.
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International arbitration report

Estadística2017 | Octubre 1
Welcome to issue 9 of Norton Rose Fulbright’s International arbitration report.

In this issue, Norton Rose Fulbright features the exciting topic of innovation and disruption in international arbitration. They review the procedural and technological advances that are, or soon will be, changing international arbitration and dispute resolution more generally. Their lawyers track the global trends, risks and opportunities in this changing landscape.

This report outlines the most-hyped legal technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts. Norton Rose argues that arbitration, as an inherently innovative process, is well-placed to utilize and benefit from new legal technologies, in particular online dispute resolution and Big Data.
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Catalunya: Ley y Conflicto | Josep Redorta Lorente

Josep Redorta LorenteJosep Redorta Lorente

Es abogado y conflict manager
Dr. en Psicología social

2017 | Septiembre 29
Se está apelando a la constitución española como el eje vertebrador de la organización política del Estado. Es cierto que una constitución es la norma suprema de cualquier estado. Sin embargo, no se puede obviar que todas las normas deben ser interpretadas de acuerdo a la realidad social, al derecho internacional reflejado en los tratados firmados que tienen rango superior y a los principios que la propia constitución determinada indiquen como rectores de la acción política.

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Hong Kong civil disputes to embrace apology

Hong Kong2017 | Agosto 22
The Hong Kong Legislative Council recently passed the Apology Bill with the aim of removing certain legal disincentives for parties to convey an apology in the context of civil disputes. In the footsteps of many overseas jurisdictions which have already adopted apology legislation, Hong Kong is the first Asian jurisdiction to enact this type of legislation, which generally precludes an apology from being taken into account in the determination of fault and liability.
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Life after ICSID: 10th anniversary of Bolivia’s withdrawal from ICSID

Bolivia2017 | Agosto 12
It has been ten years since Bolivia denounced the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes Convention (“ICSID Convention”), becoming the first country to withdraw from the ICSID Convention in history. True, several countries have never even signed the ICSID Convention in the first place (including large economies such as Brazil and India), but until 2007, no countries had denounced the treaty.  After Bolivia´s denunciation, Ecuador and Venezuela soon followed.
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Decentralized arbitration to address blockchain disputes

Internet2017 | Agosto 8
Once bitcoin was created, there appeared a necessity to resolve disputes that emerge in decentralized society. The rise of Ethereum and smart-contracts emerged in recent years and intensified the request for a decentralized type of legal entity, capable of providing answers to all types of smart questions.

A few years ago a group of enthusiasts inspired with the technology proclaimed that: “Code is law.”
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La cláusula de mediación previa y los conflictos entre socios | Ángel Luis Vázquez Torres

Ángel Luis Vázquez2017 | Agosto 8
¿Qué ocurre si en algún momento me planteo abandonar la sociedad porque las relaciones entre los socios partícipes comienzan a deteriorarse o no se cubren las expectativas generadas inicialmente?

Normalmente iniciamos nuestro negocio con mucha ilusión algo de dinero y poca experiencia. En algunos casos lo iniciamos en solitario, pero en la mayoría lo hacemos con otros socios, bien porque aportan capital, experiencia, conocimiento o simplemente es un proyecto conjunto.
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Is mediation a viable investor-state dispute settlement mechanism?

Tecnología e Internet2017 | Agosto 3
Recent trends indicate a growing interest in investor-state mediation. Previously, the intermittent dialogue in investor-state mediation was speculative and often sceptical. The perception has been that compulsory mechanisms would be necessary for any dispute resolution process involving states to be effective. However, governments, investors and institutions now seem to be considering meditation as a viable tool for resolving investor-state disputes.
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Francia establece la mediación obligatoria como paso previo a la vía judicial en asuntos de familia

ADR Mediación2017 | Julio 30
Desde el próximo 1 de septiembre y hasta el 31 de diciembre del 2019 Francia ha establecido una medida para impulsar la mediación a nivel familiarSin haber intentado la mediación no se admitirá dicha demanda. La medida se establecerá  en los juzgados de Bayona, Burdeos, Cherburgo, Nantes, Nimes, Montpellier, Pontoise, Saint Denis, Rennes, Tours y Evry.
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Mediación Penal | Derecho Ecuador

Mediación Penal Restaurativa2017 | Julio 28
Es pertinente partir conceptualizando el término “mediación penal; el mismo que es empleado en la literatura española como equivalente al anglosajón “Victim Offender Mediation” cuando se quiere hacer referencia a uno de los métodos de resolución de conflictos penales que acoge la denominada justicia restaurativa.

Lo cual  en palabras de VAN NESS, constituye  un método de  justicia restauradora como “una teoría de la Justicia que pone el énfasis en la reparación del daño causado por una conducta ilícita y que se materializa mediante un proceso reparador”.
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Making religious arbitration work in America: The Jewish experience

Beth Din of America2017 | Junio 26
Two elements are at play in judicial enforcement of arbitration awards: One is the formal legal elements: Courts are legally incapable of enforcing arbitral awards issued by religious tribunals if they fail to follow the basic legal demands imposed by the Federal Arbitration Act. Second, even if faith-based arbitrators have observed all the formal legal requirements, they must still convince judges that their religious dispute resolution processes are genuinely fair, effective and worth upholding.
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The “Do’s And Don’ts” of Drafting Arbitration Clauses When Doing Business with Chinese Parties

Tribunal Supremo China2017 | Junio 7
When non-Chinese parties conduct business in China, or with a Chinese party, several factors must be considered when crafting an arbitration clause to ensure it is enforceable and provides for an effective form of dispute resolution.
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