Judiciary proposes mandatory mediation before court option

ADR Mediación2018 | Enero 14
The Judiciary is in talks with other stakeholders over the possible introduction of mediation as a mandatory primary step in handling civil disputes before they are filed in court.
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If mediation takes place there is no assumption of guilt

Rape Violación2017 | Octubre 24
A former African National Congress (ANC) MP, Jennifer Ferguson, said on Tuesday, that she reached out to a top South African sports boss offering a “mediated restorative justice” process following allegations that he raped her at a Port Elizabeth hotel 24 years ago.

“I need to state that if mediation takes place there is no assumption of guilt,” Ferguson posted to Facebook on Tuesday.
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Judicial leaders call for establishing African Court of Justice

África2017 | Abril 4
African judicial leaders called on Tuesday here for establishment of an African Court of Justice to act as reference for conflict resolution.

The declaration also called for establishment of an African Arbitration Center for Dispute Resolution among African states in accordance with legal frameworks.
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Tax Dispute Resolution Alliance formed by KPMG, MacRobert Attorneys

Acuerdos2017 | Marzo 30
KPMG and MacRobert Attorneys have joined ties to create a Tax Dispute Resolution Alliance, building on the longstanding relationship between the two firms on tax dispute matters, going back a number of years.
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CRCICA’s recent caseload: New Annual Record for the second time in four years

CRCICA | Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration2017 | Marzo 13
The total number of arbitration cases filed before CRCICA until 31 December 2016 reached 1161 cases. In 2016, 91 new arbitration cases were filed, scoring as such 75% annual increase compared to the 54 cases initiated in 2015. 2016 witnessed a new record for the number of cases registered under the auspices of CRCICA in a single year (91 cases). The previous record, reached in 2012 (78 cases), has therefore been broken.
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L’expérience concluante de la médiation socio-culturelle

República Centroafricana2017 | Marzo 8
Pendant un an, douze jeunes adultes ont suivi à Bangui une formation en médiation sociale et culturelle, un projet pilote d’ATD Quart Monde initiant un nouveau métier dans un domaine encore peu exploré en Centrafrique.
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Cameroun: La chambre de Commerce créé un Centre d’arbitrage et de médiation

CCIMA | Chambre de Commerce, d'Industrie des mines et de l'Artisanat2017 | Marzo 1
La chambre de Commerce, d’industrie des mines et de l’artisanat (CCIMA) du Cameroun annonce la création du Centre d’arbitrage et de médiation dénommé Centre d’arbitrage et de médiation(CAM) de la CCIMA. Il est destiné aux 160 membres relevant de son autorité. Le CAM, qui sera opérationnelle d’ici peu, permettra aux chefs d’entreprise de régler de façon souple, rapide et efficace les litiges industriels et commerciaux.
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Arbitrating international financing disputes in Africa

Ensayos2017 | Febrero 21
In a December 2016 report the International Chamber of Commerce confirmed the importance of arbitration in resolving financial sector disputes. Kent Phillips and Benson Lim of Hogan Lovells discuss how arbitration can help international lenders and funds resolve African disputes effectively.
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ICC says African regions contribute to new arbitration cases record in 2016

ICC Arbitration2017 | Febrero 10
The International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has said Africa has contributed to record figures for new cases filed for administration under ICC rules in 2016. According to preliminary statistics released in January, a total of 966 new cases administered by the court were filed last year – involving 3,099 parties from 137 countries – which the court said was a record in its 94-year history.
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La médiation familiale à partir de cette année pour certains conflits familiaux

Argelia2017 | Enero 27
La ministre de la solidarité nationale, de la famille et de la condition de la femme, Mounia Meslem a annoncé jeudi à Alger l’entrée en application à partir de l’année en cours des mesures de la médiation familiale.
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New efforts rolled out to promote arbitration

Ruanda2017 | Enero 27
New efforts have been rolled out to enhance the capacity of mediators to help reduce the number of cases going to courts.

This was announced in Kigali at the opening of a three-day seminar bringing together US mediators, Rwandan justice stakeholders and lawyers on Wednesday.
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The China-Africa Joint Arbitration Centre

CAJAC | China-Africa Joint Arbitration Centre2017 | Enero 26
The China-Africa Joint Arbitration Centre (CAJAC) was established in August 2015 to address resolution of commercial disputes between Chinese and African parties.

The Beijing Consensus, calling for a joint dispute resolution framework to be developed between China and Africa, was signed in June 2015 by a wide range of Chinese trade commissions, arbitral bodies and universities, as well as delegates from Africa. It was followed by the signing of a similar consensus in Johannesburg in August 2015, resulting in the establishment of CAJAC.
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Décisions pénales et médiation: baisse de 40% des affaires jugées en correctionnelle

Mediación Penal Restaurativa2017 | Enero 15
Le nombre d’affaires jugées en correctionnelle a baissé de 40% en 2016 grâce aux décisions pénales et à la médiation, selon un document du ministère de la Justice dont l’APS a reçu une copie.

Grâce aux décisions pénales et à la médiation, le nombre d’affaires jugées en correctionnelle a été réduit de 40%, enregistrant une baisse de plus de 50% dans certains tribunaux de la cour d’Alger”, précise le document.
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Kenya says launch of global arbitration centre to spur investments

NCIA Kenia Nairobi2016 | Diciembre 16
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said Tuesday the inauguration of the Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration (NCIA) will help spur investments into the East African nation.

Kenyatta told the first International Arbitration Conference in East and Central Africa, which kicked off in the capital Nairobi on Tuesday, that dispute resolution mechanisms were critical component of the economic development agenda that the country and the continent is pursuing.
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How colonial law displaced African dispute settlement mechanisms

África2016 | Diciembre 8
Interference with the traditional system of justice, which worked well within the context of its area of jurisdiction, created a monster that we are yet to slay.

Before European imperialists established and colonised African territories, African traditional communities’ fora of justice were at family, shrines, churches and mosques.

African traditional communities also used other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms that included reconciliation, mediation and arbitration.

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‘Nothing is more dangerous than a corrupt judge’

Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA)2016 | Noviembre 22
Mr Yemi Candide-Johnson (SAN) is the president of the Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA), which prides itself as Africa’s premier alternative dispute resolution (ADR) institution. He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators of England (FCIArb), an approved tutor and examiner for the UK Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, an honorary Fellow of the Centre for International Legal Studies in Salzburg, Austria, and a supporting member of the London Maritime Arbitration Association. Candide-Johnson was chairman of Lagos State Arbitration Law Reform Committee.
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LCCI creates Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre

LACIAC | Lagos Chamber of Commerce International Arbitration Centre

2016 | Noviembre 15
The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry has created an Alternative Dispute Resolution centre to fast track commercial disputes resolution in the country.
Nike Akande, the President, LCCI, made the disclosure during the launch of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce International Arbitration Centre in Lagos on Monday.
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Family mediation centres in rural areas key in ending child marriages

Derechos Humanos2016 | Noviembre 11
Families of girls who are child brides or are at risk of becoming child brides can be engaged in mediation services in which they can learn about the rights of girls and the negative consequences that child marriage can have on their daughters and her wider family. It has therefore been proposed that family mediation centres be established in rural areas where cases of child marriages are rife.
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‘Nigeria is a viable destination for international commercial arbitration’

Lagos2016 | Noviembre 8
Over the years, Africa and particularly Nigeria has become increasingly attractive to foreign investors. However, with increased investment comes increased potential for disputes and the need to train arbitrators who will resolve the conflicts. In an encounter with JOSEPH ONYEKWERE, the chair of the 2016 yearly Conference of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, (CIArb), Nigeria branch, Mrs Oyinkansola Badejo-Okusanya, said Nigeria is a viable and natural destination for international commercial arbitration.
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Are insolvency and arbitration like oil and water?

Concursal2016 | Noviembre 8
Formal insolvency law procedures are usually collective and centralised, overriding certain pre-insolvency agreements in order to achieve laid down objective(s) for the benefit of all creditors. In contrast, arbitration favours privity of contracts and party autonomy. Parties’ agreement to arbitrate their dispute is considered as sacrosanct regardless of the circumstances. There is therefore a potential for conflict when a dispute touches on these two regimes. In United States Line, 197 F. 3d 631 at 640 (1999), a US court described such as “a conflict of near polar extremes” given that the insolvency policy “exerts an inexorable pull towards centralisation while arbitration policy advocates a decentralised approach towards dispute resolution.” 
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LCA urges Nigerians to embrace arbitration

Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA)2016 | Noviembre 1
The president of the Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA), Mr. Yemi Candide-Johnson (SAN) has called on Nigerians to embrace arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.
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Brics dispute resolution mechanism: Challenges ahead, but promises much

BRICS2016 | Octubre 25
The idea behind a Brics-centric dispute resolution mechanism stems from challenges faced frequently by developing countries in existing international arbitration frameworks. Arguably, the current international framework, particularly in investment treaty arbitrations, is extremely unfavourable for developing countries. There is inequitable representation of arbitrators from developing countries on such panels, resulting in a level of obliviousness regarding the socio-economic conditions prevailing in developing nations. This often leads to adverse economic ramifications of arbitral awards for these countries.
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El Colegio de Abogados de Jaén potenciará su Corte de Arbitraje y firmará un convenio con el Centro de Mediación de Rabat

Convenios2016 | Octubre 10
El Colegio de Abogados de Jaén ha puesto en marcha varias acciones para potenciar la Corte de Arbitraje de la entidad, una herramienta para la resolución extrajudicial de conflictos creada en 2013.  De esta forma, el Pleno de esta institución ha decidido crear un portal web propio de la Corte que acerque el funcionamiento de esta entidad a la ciudadanía y el resto de operadores jurídicos.
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