CETA: ¿Qué hay detrás de las 1.500 páginas del acuerdo económico?

Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)2017 | Febrero 16
10 años de negociaciones. 7 reuniones de alto nivel entre la UE y Canadá. 1.598 páginas. 2 bloqueos resueltos con pactos maratonianos. La aprobación del Parlamento Europeo por dos tercios de la euro-cámara. Y aún queda la ratificación de los 28 parlamentos europeos. El recorrido del CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement), el tratado de libre comercio entre la Unión Europea y Canadá, ha sido largo y duro de roer. De momento, se aplicará de manera provisional a partir de abril hasta que los estados miembros den el visto bueno.
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The China-Africa Joint Arbitration Centre

CAJAC | China-Africa Joint Arbitration Centre2017 | Enero 26
The China-Africa Joint Arbitration Centre (CAJAC) was established in August 2015 to address resolution of commercial disputes between Chinese and African parties.

The Beijing Consensus, calling for a joint dispute resolution framework to be developed between China and Africa, was signed in June 2015 by a wide range of Chinese trade commissions, arbitral bodies and universities, as well as delegates from Africa. It was followed by the signing of a similar consensus in Johannesburg in August 2015, resulting in the establishment of CAJAC.
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Bruselas presenta en Davos el tribunal de arbitraje que quiere para futuros tratados comerciales

Unión Europea2017 | Enero 20
Se inspira en el acordado con Canadá para el CETA: una corte permanente al margen de la justicia ordinaria con posibilidad de apelación y jueces en exclusividad. Sería multilateral y ya no habría que negociar un sistema de resolución de conflictos en cada uno de los acuerdos comerciales que firme la UE en el futuro.
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Licensed gambling operators are required to offer dispute resolution by an independent third party or ADR provider

Juegos Azar2017 | Enero 11
Licensed gambling operators are required to offer dispute resolution by an independent third party or ADR provider.

This means that you must offer your customers dispute resolution free of charge if a dispute about the outcome of their gambling transaction has not been resolved at the first stage of your complaints procedure.
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Abuse of Process in International Arbitration

Emmanuel Gaillard2017 | Enero 6
Abuse of process has become increasingly frequent in the fields of international commercial arbitration and investment treaty arbitration over the past decades. A true instance of abuse of process denotes conduct that is prima facie legal and that cannot be redressed through the application of established rules of procedure or due process. Drawing on arbitral case law and the author’s experience as arbitrator and counsel, this article identifies categories of abuse of process that arise in contemporary arbitral practice and proposes legal tools that can effectively tackle this growing phenomenon.
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Panorama general de un arbitraje de conformidad con el Convenio del CIADI

Banco Mundial2017 | Enero 1
El procedimiento de arbitraje de conformidad con Convenio del CIADI se rige por las siguientes normas:

  • el Convenio CIADI;
  • las Reglas Procesales Aplicables a la Iniciación de los Procedimientos de Conciliación y Arbitraje (Reglas de Iniciación);
  • las Reglas Procesales Aplicables a los Procedimientos de Arbitraje (Reglas de Arbitraje); y
  • el Reglamento Administrativo y Financiero.

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European Commission launches public consultation on a multilateral reform of investment dispute resolution

Unión Europea2016 | Diciembre 21
The European Commission today launched a public consultation to gather stakeholders’ views on possible options for multilateral reform of the way investment disputes are resolved, including the possible establishment of a permanent Multilateral Investment Court.
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Report urges government to protect enforceability of UK court judgments in EU

BREXIT2016 | Diciembre 21
The UK government must clearly and urgently articulate how it will ensure the widespread enforceability of UK court judgments in EU member states after Brexit, a new report argues.

The impact of Brexit on the UK-based legal services sector, published by TheCityUK, stresses the importance of the English courts remaining a hub for global businesses seeking to resolve international commercial disputes.
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El Centro Iberoamericano de Arbitraje pone en marcha el Órgano Supervisor de la Función Arbitral

Centro Iberoaméricano de Arbitraje CIAR2016 | Diciembre 19
El pasado 13 de diciembre tuvo lugar en la sede del Consejo Federal de la Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil (OAB) la II Asamblea General Extraordinaria del Centro Iberoamericano de Arbitraje, CIAR, en la que destacó la puesta en marcha del dispositivo estatutario del Órgano Supervisor de la Función Arbitral (OSFA) que tiene su sede en el Departamento de despachos de abogados de la Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil.
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Canada ratifies United Nations convention on transparency in investor-state arbitration

UNCITRAL - CNUDMI2016 | Diciembre 13
Canada is a world leader in promoting transparency in international trade and in working to maintain support for open trade. The Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of International Trade, today announced that Canada has ratified the United Nations Convention on Transparency in Treaty-Based Investor-State Arbitration, also known as the Mauritius Convention on Transparency.
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España | 2016 | Guía para la práctica de la mediación intrajudicial

Banderas > Europa > Spain

España | Spain
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Brics dispute resolution mechanism: Challenges ahead, but promises much

BRICS2016 | Octubre 25
The idea behind a Brics-centric dispute resolution mechanism stems from challenges faced frequently by developing countries in existing international arbitration frameworks. Arguably, the current international framework, particularly in investment treaty arbitrations, is extremely unfavourable for developing countries. There is inequitable representation of arbitrators from developing countries on such panels, resulting in a level of obliviousness regarding the socio-economic conditions prevailing in developing nations. This often leads to adverse economic ramifications of arbitral awards for these countries.
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Diputada valona dice que arbitraje del CETA es incompatible con gobiernos UE

Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)2016 | Octubre 23
La diputada del Parlamento de Valonia Olga Zrihen, consideró hoy que el sistema de arbitraje internacional para los conflictos estado-inversor contemplado en el acuerdo comercial UE-Canadá, que sigue vetando esa región belga, “no es compatible” con los Gobiernos “estables” de la Unión Europea.
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Gambling Commission announces “two way conversation” initiative with gamblers

Juegos Azar2016 | Octubre 3
The Gamblimg Commission made it clear that companies need to improve their dispute resolution processes in order to make them simpler and more effective to use, and for alternative dispute resolution bodies to be readily accessible to consumers if the companies own system is insufficient for the consumer’s issue. This will be done via new guides and signposting tools to aid consumers in finding what they need to solve their problems.
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International Arbitration and Choice of Law under Article 42 of the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes

Yale Law School2016 | Septiembre 28
The most ambitious attempt to date to create an institutional mechanism for the resolution of international investment disputes–conflicts between foreign private investors and host state governments–is the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States.
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India’s first commercial arbitration centre to be opened in Mumbai

MCIA Mumbai2016 | Septiembre 27
The Mumbai Centre for International Arbitration— to be opened on 8 October—can act as an alternative for dispute resolution to existing facilities in Singapore, Hong Kong and London, experts say.

Singapore, London and Hong Kong have been the preferred destinations for commercial arbitration for Indian parties.
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ICC announces modifications to practice note on conduct of arbitration

ICC Arbitration2016 | Septiembre 22
The International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce has announced amendments to its practice note to the parties and arbitral tribunals on the conduct of arbitration. Sigue leyendo

India Pursues A New Investment Arbitration Regime To Protect Itself

BRICS2016 | Septiembre 18
Recently, at the conference on ‘International Arbitration in BRICS’, Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was unequivocal in pitching for a separate arbitration framework for the BRICS countries or the emerging economies. He was clear that India, like other developing economies, has been a victim of the inherent structural bias that prevails in the traditional frameworks of international arbitration.
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TTIP, globalisation and lawyers

Resultado de imagen de TTIP2016 | Septiembre 14
I have been at endless meetings over the years when lawyers from developing countries have protested about the impact of globalisation on their legal professions, since UK and American lawyers in particular have swamped the market for top-class commercial deals, forcing out the local firms, leaving them unable to cope with slick competition.It is timely to contemplate what the retreat from globalisation might mean for our profession.
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El blog de la Editorial Jurídica Sepín

Resultado de imagen de editorial jurídica sepín2016 | Septiembre 12
ÉRASE UNA VEZ… allá por 1982, una Editorial Jurídica liderada por Daniel Loscertales Fuertes, un hombre cuya vocación y rigor en el tratamiento y la creación de contenidos le llevó a un objetivo claro hasta la fecha: ofrecer soluciones de calidad, fiables, realistas y prácticas.

Hoy en día, más de 30 años después, nos encontramos ante un mundo jurídico donde la vocación editorial es más importante que nunca, por tratarse de una ciencia sometida a un cambio constante, con un crecimiento trepidante y millones de documentos interrelacionados entre sí.
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Caesars Bankruptcy Mediator Quits over “Atypical Views” on Mediation Process

Resultado de imagen de gambling2016 | Septiembre 11
Another surprising turn of events will add another tangle to the already complex $18-billion bankruptcy case, involving casino operator Caesars Entertainment Operating Co. Inc. (CEOC), known to be the main operating unit of industry giant Caesars Entertainment corporation.
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Angola to join the New York Convention

Resultado de imagen de angola
2016 | Septiembre 7
Angola will become the 157th country to be a party to the New York Convention following the government’s endorsement of its ratification on 12 August. The ratification will go through 90 days after notification of the United Nations.
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Brexit: Impact on English dispute resolution

Resultado de imagen de brexit2016 | Agosto 2
English lawyers have grown accustomed to working within a harmonised EU legal system that includes cross-border overarching frameworks dealing with issues of jurisdiction and enforcement. Whilst EU law will continue to apply for at least the next two years as the UK negotiates its departure after its vote to leave the European Union, sooner or later Brexit will inevitably disrupt that status quo.
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National Mediation Conference 2016: Thought, Innovation and Creativity: the next decade

International Mediation Institute [IMI]2016 | Agosto 1
This year our conference theme is: “Thought, Innovation and Creativity: the next decade”. We will showcase: what we know and how we know it; think about our thinking; reflect on how we innovate, educate and train practitioners across the wide spectrum from self determination to determinative processes; how we can become more flexible and creatively facilitate processes in response to the diverse needs of our clients to provide a future of best practice in all we do to manage our own and other peoples disputes.

The conference venue is conveniently located in the heart of the Gold Coast, at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC), Australia’s largest regional convention centre renowned for its commitment to quality and service excellence. Opportunely located just metres from the pristine beaches of the Gold Coast, world class restaurants and cafes as well as access to more than 27,000 nearby accommodation options, our location should inspire thought, innovation and creativity for all.
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Master Class on Investment Arbitration

Association for International Arbitration [AIA]2016 | Agosto 1
The Master Class is organized together Brussels Diplomatic Academy. The law on foreign investment protection is one of the fastest developing and intellectually challenging branches of international law with high practical relevance. Investment arbitration is predicted to be a major factor in the development of the global economic system.
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