CDR (Commercial Dispute Resolution) Spring Arbitration Symposium 2017

CDR2017 | Enero 17
Leading industry figures will analyse and debate the most important current and future trends in international arbitration, before an audience of expert practitioners, in-house lawyers, and professionals from associated industries from across the world.

Our Spring Arbitration Symposium event will focus on a wide range of sectoral and practice developments in arbitration; our past events have considered current trends in the construction and engineering, energy, shipping, and IP sectors.
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Asista al XII Congreso Mundial de Mediación y Cultura de Paz – Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá

Calendario2016 | Septiembre 21
Colombia será el escenario del evento internacional más importante en temas de reconciliación, al recibir la décimo segunda versión del Congreso Mundial de Mediación y Cultura de Paz, un evento que reunirá a más 1.000 personas en cinco ciudades de forma simultánea para hablar del diálogo como la mejor herramienta para solucionar los conflictos en la sociedad.
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HKIAC 2016 | ADR in Asia Conference


2016 | Septiembre 4
The ADR in Asia Conference is a major event in the arbitration calendar. It is a platform for some of the most prominent members of the arbitration community from across the globe to address important issues and developments in international arbitration.
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National Mediation Conference 2016: Thought, Innovation and Creativity: the next decade

International Mediation Institute [IMI]2016 | Agosto 1
This year our conference theme is: “Thought, Innovation and Creativity: the next decade”. We will showcase: what we know and how we know it; think about our thinking; reflect on how we innovate, educate and train practitioners across the wide spectrum from self determination to determinative processes; how we can become more flexible and creatively facilitate processes in response to the diverse needs of our clients to provide a future of best practice in all we do to manage our own and other peoples disputes.

The conference venue is conveniently located in the heart of the Gold Coast, at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC), Australia’s largest regional convention centre renowned for its commitment to quality and service excellence. Opportunely located just metres from the pristine beaches of the Gold Coast, world class restaurants and cafes as well as access to more than 27,000 nearby accommodation options, our location should inspire thought, innovation and creativity for all.
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Swedish Arbitration Days

Imagen > Directorio > Instituciones > SCC2016 | Julio 14
On 8-9 September 2016 the Swedish Arbitration Association will host its biennial international conference Swedish Arbitration Days. The event will take place at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. The topic of the Swedish Arbitration Days 2016 will be Contractual Issues in International Arbitration.

The Swedish Arbitration Days is a two-day conference arranged biannually by the Swedish Arbitration Association (SAA). The conference is arranged in Stockholm in September and brings together the views of leading international arbitration practitioners, world renowned arbitrators, scholars and other experts.
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