Londres no quiere otro tribunal de arbitraje tras el ‘brexit’

BREXIT2017 | Agosto 23
El Gobierno británico no es partidario de crear un nuevo tribunal para arbitrar las futuras disputas tras su marcha de la Unión Europea, prevista para marzo de 2019, y permitirá a sus jueces tener en cuenta las decisiones del Tribunal de Justicia de la UE cuando tengan que decidir sobre litigios en los que sean relevantes las leyes europeas que mantendrá.
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Report urges government to protect enforceability of UK court judgments in EU

BREXIT2016 | Diciembre 21
The UK government must clearly and urgently articulate how it will ensure the widespread enforceability of UK court judgments in EU member states after Brexit, a new report argues.

The impact of Brexit on the UK-based legal services sector, published by TheCityUK, stresses the importance of the English courts remaining a hub for global businesses seeking to resolve international commercial disputes.
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The Future Of The UK As An Arbitration Hub Post-Brexit

BREXIT2016 | Octubre 26
International contracting parties do not choose London as an arbitral seat because of the UK’s ties with Europe. They choose London for a variety of reasons not least being the pro-arbitration stance of the English & Welsh judiciary (Scotland and Northern Ireland not having been tested to the same extent). The judiciary have shown again and again their support for arbitration and its value as a dispute resolution mechanism of choice. The Arbitration Act 1996, provides a solid basis for both ad-hoc arbitration and as the curial law supporting institutional arbitration in London.
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Dispute resolution post-Brexit

BREXIT2016 | Octubre 18
A botched exit from the European Union (EU) has the potential to undermine both the stability of English law in international agreements and the enforceability of English judgments.

It could also give rise to just the kind of jurisdictional arbitrage – forum shopping, races to issue proceedings and torpedo litigation in breach of jurisdiction agreements – that years of harmonisation have sought to consign to history.
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Is domestic arbitration set for a resurgence?

BREXIT2016 | Septiembre 28
Domestic arbitration has been overtaken by adjudication and the efficiency of the TCC. With uncertainty over Brexit and the increased cost of litigation is arbitration set for resurgence?
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Brexit: Impact on English dispute resolution

Resultado de imagen de brexit2016 | Agosto 2
English lawyers have grown accustomed to working within a harmonised EU legal system that includes cross-border overarching frameworks dealing with issues of jurisdiction and enforcement. Whilst EU law will continue to apply for at least the next two years as the UK negotiates its departure after its vote to leave the European Union, sooner or later Brexit will inevitably disrupt that status quo.
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