2018 International Arbitration Survey: The Evolution of International Arbitration

Queen Mary University2018 | Mayo 14
The 2018 International Arbitration Survey, entitled “The Evolution of International Arbitration”, identifies the principal drivers and stakeholders that the arbitration community expects to influence the future direction of international arbitration. Trends investigated in earlier empirical studies have also been revisited in order to ascertain changes in user preferences and perceptions. Views were sought from a diverse pool of participants in the international arbitration sphere, including in-house counsel, arbitrators, private practitioners, representatives of arbitral institutions, academics, experts and third-party funders.
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2016 Queen Mary International Dispute Resolution Survey: Unveiling Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) Disputes

Queen Mary University2016 | Diciembre 15
The 2016 International TMT Dispute Resolution Survey, sponsored by Pinsent Masons LLP, is the seventh survey carried out by the School of International Arbitration since 2006. It is part of a major investigation into international dispute resolution practices and trends worldwide.

In relation to dispute resolution policies and preferences, the survey data showed that arbitration continues to be encouraged, although mediation was the dispute resolution mechanism of choice for in-house respondents. At an all-respondents level, arbitration is the preferred mechanism but litigation was the most used.
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Hong Kong – The Golden Seat of International Arbitration

Hong Kong2016 | Septiembre 15
The 2015 International Arbitration Survey conducted by the Queen Mary University of London, regarded as the world’s most important international arbitration data-gatherer, deemed Hong Kong to be the third most preferred arbitral seat worldwide, behind only London and Paris.
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Encuesta 2015 sobre arbitraje mercantil internacional: mejoras e innovaciones en arbitraje internacional

Queen Mary University2015 | Noviembre 12
En octubre de 2015 se publicó el quinto estudio de la Universidad Queen Mary de Londres, realizado con el patrocinio del despacho White & Case y con nombre, Encuesta 2015 sobre arbitraje mercantil internacional: mejoras e innovaciones en arbitraje internacional.

El universo se compone de 763 encuestados repartidos así: 4% profesores; 2% empleados de instituciones arbitrales; 11% árbitros; 12% testigos expertos; 8% in-house counsel; 49% abogados de despacho; el resto está sin categorizar.
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Reino Unido | 2015 | International Arbitration Survey, Queen Mary University

Reino Unido | United Kingdom

Reino Unido | United Kingdom
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2015 International Arbitration Survey: Improvements and Innovations in International Arbitration

Queen Mary University2015 | Noviembre 12
The 2015 International Arbitration Survey: Improvements and Innovations in International Arbitration, is the fifth International arbitration survey conducted by the School of International Arbitration, Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL), a survey sponsored by White & Case.

An online questionnaire of 80 questions was completed by 763 respondents between 11 March 2015 and 1 June 2015. The survey sought the views of a wide variety of stakeholders in international arbitration. 70% of respondents (and 81% of the organizations they represent or with which they are connected) have been involved in more than five international arbitrations over the past five years. The respondent group consisted of academics (4%), arbitral institutions (staff) (2%), arbitrators (11%), “arbitrator and counsel in equal proportion” (12%), expert witnesses (2%), in-house counsel (8%) and private practitioners (49%). 12% were categorized as “other”. Sigue leyendo